English Grammar Usage Errors
WRONGRIGHT        (= Definition Error)
afterwards, backwards, downwards, forwards, inwards, outwards, regards, towards, upwardsafterward, backward, downward, forward,
inward, outward,
regard, toward, upward
a historic eventan historic event (‘h’ is silent)
continue oncontinue
different thandifferent from
future plan(s)plan(s)
going forwardfrom now on
has been impactedhas had an impact on
I don’t know if that’s…I don’t know whether or not that’s…
I seen it.I saw it. ⟨or⟩ I have seen it.
I’ve got this.I have this.
moving forwardfrom now on
same differencethere is no difference
speak to the situationaddress the issue
tidal wave (without a tide)tsunami
used alotused a lot ⟨better :⟩ used frequently
                                   Definition/Spelling Errors                                   
affect(s)has an influence on
itssignifies possession
it’sit is
your(s)signifies possession
you’reyou are
                                                 Lost Origins                                                  
use is only
Found Under Carnal Knowledge:
Coronor/Medical Examiner’s Term
(dead body was found unclothed)
Hello, Hi & Bye
[Quaker greeting 1800s]
“Hell is low, Heaven is high,
  I’ll see you in the by and by.”
This is why I spell Hellow with a ‘w’.
                                        Pronunciation Errors                                         
Antarctic (South Pole)Ant • ARK´ • tick
Antarctica (the continent)Ant • ARK´ • tick • a
escapees • CAPE´ (ik • SCAPE´)
etcetera (etc.)et • SET´ • er • a
nuclearNEW´ • klee • er (NEW´ • cue • ler)
UranusYou • RAH´ • nus
vulnerableVULL´•ner•a•bull (VUN´•er•a•bull)
                                   Trite or Redundant Usage                                    
Basically, what I’m saying is…⟨Do not use. - Just say it.⟩
extremely truetrue
First and foremost…Importantly…
In this day and age…Right now… ⟨or⟩ Now…
invasions from other countriesinvasions
massive devastationdevastation
“modern” historyrecent history
past historyhistory
real possibility/very possibleprobability/probable
self responsibilityresponsibility
Welcome back again.Welcome back.
Don’t worry, I have this.I’m a professional, eh? •TBE