600 Feet

He, himself, is tall (6′4″), slim (169 lbs.), black . . .
. . . and blind, and he sees it all.
Provoke him not, rather adjure him.
For he has great treasure found.

Inquire of him, and ask of his entreat;
while he sits in utter quiet, speak softly.
What do you seek, not of this world?
He has it with him, gave his sight for it.

I came to entreat and inquire him
of friendship with and answers of the One
he calls the General, the Chrisine,
the only One he will bow to.

Still, he honored this one he says
is six hundred feet tall, peering
from higher windows with glint of third
of whose is heaven, our both.


     --by RK, in honor of Buffalo (Have you seen him?)