First steps within

(Happy Mother's Day)

"You sit quiet now, hands in your lap, and
   no looking around, sit straight & no fidgeting
   If you need to go to the bathroom, go,
   come back, sit down, be quiet, hands in your lap,
   no looking around, sit straight, no fidgeting."

It was okay, it was time for Mom to cook supper,
no one else to watch this active young boy; only
once in a while though, but I learned to think.
There was nothing else to do for an hour or two,
and while thinking, I found that quiet place inside . . .

Within, which I would soon deeply explore.
From age three to eight or nine, I sat from time
to time & learned to appreciate stillness;
and quietness helped to hear things, other
little boys knew nothing about . . .

that words couldn't touch, not even these.
It's how it all started, and she knew; and though
she didn't understand, she knew to go with it,
while she busied with biscuits and stuffed bell peppers,
eyes curious, watching while I took first steps, eyes closed . . .

         . . . unmoving, from across the dining room . . .