Only love, SusieQ, way ahead
                                         (Let's face it…)

…not even the most plaintive, sweetest voice
can get through to them, and it’s, it’s almost over…
My heart cries out from deep within, hoping…
…to get something across they have to know.

I’m not in the box they thought to put me in.
From deep within I see too many wasted days,
waiting for tomorrow I know’s coming, that’s
been here in this weeping heart so long…

(whispered:) Shhh…, listen close. - I’ve found my voice.
(cried out:) It’s only a shout away, beyond days wasted.
My whole life’s been a gift I didn’t expect, and
there’s nowhere I’d hide, not from the desperation…

…they cannot see, and too many wasted days for
the strength & love they need so badly from inside.
I know the way to be free that was found long,
so long ago now, and I wait in tomorrow’s solace…

Words finally found me…, dear sister Quillie.+
Thank you for showing the best way to break hearts.
Good bye, dearest friend. I’m older than you were now…
…falling like the wind carrying a leaf away…

…with no questions left, and the song+ plays on.

                                         --for SusieQ (in memory)

[It's not just music: Lacuna Coil (Karmacode)].

                                         --very early 6/26/08