Mississippi mud

Late, miss'sippee mud. - In Jackson,
by the pool, looked like ZZ Top, asleep.
Charlie wouldn't bite 'till you were leavin'.
Front room saw lake by dam, clear.

Now, shut up in basement, hopin'
for Tarheel headhuntin' job east,
eatin' miss'sippee mud cake, late.
Front door to crik & woods, back to love . . .

      . . . and three greyhounds.

Cried she did, called she did.
Couldn't answer, "slept" in freeze, watchin'
Ursa Major pinwheel on Blue Ridge Parkway
with Asheville lights below, twinklin'.

Didn't know, couldn't know.
New cellaphane toldaphone
found clear messages of love.
Now hopin' ta' eat miss'sippee mud . . .

      . . . up stairs, southa' Salem.

      -- for niece/sister

            -- 4/9/08