Programmed blind
                         (by the blind)

You're more programmed than you think
if you think _______, and none of it's true.
And you won't let me tell you. - *sigh*
Because you haven't seen it, doesn't . . .

. . . mean I haven't. Still you won't hear me,
and it's the only reason I'm here.
Everything I've found to be true is all
in the Book, the One you've rejected.

Very near the end now, for new beginning
you say you'll see; but you're blind,
while I've seen it most of my life, shining
so very brightly from deep within.

I know you won't deny it in your very last moment . . .
just over a thousand years hence.

No need to ask how sure I am. - *selah*

   (Pen borrowed from
Rachel @ WaffleHouse)
                                --5/10, 13/08