Rainbow sunset

Just another good ole' country boy and
they all came ta' poke their faces in mine.
I only knew who Mama was, her shinin' eyes.
If they'da known who I was, they'da made
sure there weren't no first birthday; but

now they'd find utter despondency without
me & still say I ought'a do this, that 'er t'other.
So 'iss ZZ Top look-'like nods, eyes averted, calm,
just glad ta' 'ave ceilin' fan, DSL, part-time job & no
more 'a them 4x4 payments nex' t'woods & crik at dusk,

'squiter hawks bouncin' 'round,
swingin' redwood bench, watchin'
sunset at driveway's end & wondrous,
full rainbow back ta' th' east.

   --5/4, 5/11/08