Stranger in a Strange Land*

Be not disquieted, dearest one,
for we'll share beyond time/space
spent growing in love unto
hearts having waited long, hoping

with joyous faith, knowing
He had another waiting, growing
in patience, adding virtue
in purest hearts of love, . . .

kneeling before Him by full harvest moon
glowing on waves and quartz,
Men-o-War watching while we coalesce
unto oneness hitherto unknown,

while waves softly beach, so gently
as to further our quiet mingle,
spirit to spirit, soul to soul, face to face
in greatest relief of love ever known.

After a time, I gather the beach towel that waited
and wrap it around you again, walking
through sand back into strangeness . . .
carrying with us love given, so precious.


*Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert A. Heinlein+