Advice Financial

In order to be successful one must be willing.
The end result is relaxing and filling.
On a job it is hard to achieve,
but when one works for themself their mind's at ease.
When one works for themself, it's less tension and hassle.
Eventually you'll accumulate enough collateral to buy that castle.
The key to success is sacrifice.
The overall result is the ultimate price.
Overall result is to work stress free,
thanks to the Man above, victory, prosperity.

Once your agenda is complete,
invest in the stock market prime beef.
Investments are the wave of the future,
to bring continuous money with less confusion.
Make smart investments that everyone uses.
Copper, cotton, crude and corn, those four
have it going on and are the wave of the future.
This will secure your children's livelihood
so they don't have to struggle like we did
to accomplish the same thing with less ease,
less strain on the brain and endured pain.
In the end your freedom is like wings,
you can come and go on that jet when you please
and have peace of mind and be at ease.

Self determination & motivation equals results.
You have to want it and love yourself in order to achieve.
You can't do anything unless you believe.
If you see other people achieving their goals,
jump on the bandwagon to see your long lasting results.
Be consistent and overall you'll have good luck.
Overall results will be affected
and that Prince Charming that was looking
   at you from a distance will be detected.
Most of all your satisfaction will be met.
In order to achieve anything you got to give it 100%.

In order of progression
one must ask an opinion which is a lifelong lesson.
Take heed to what people say and follow your heart in what you do,
because in the end the result will be a lifelong reflection on you.
Always ask an opinion in what you do,
because all opinions are different aspects and points of view.
Always follow your heart and mind.
It's like a man and a woman that're two of a kind.
Keep your head up in what you do.
The overall aspect will be satisfaction for you.


Written by Linda; edited (slightly), formatted & posted by RK on 12/25/07