Gentle piano

Well, well, well…

How can I express what beautiful imagery,
deep feelings and certain truths that you share
that so many can value and nurture from
your deep insights and truths?

You are very unique and quite rare on this plane.
I may not always “get” the full impact of your
words or I may not interpret them the same way
as you or another person, but the concepts do
resonate with parts of me that are my very essence.

RK you have a true gift and I am so proud of you
that you do not let other people who may not be
on the same vibration at this time discourage you
from being who you are.

Thanks for informing me how to locate your blog.
I really love to read/feel these poems.
 - [:unedited]

This most precious lady has known MayarOwl since mid-1963
and is not to be trifled with concerning her knowing.