Definitions of Selected Terms (by inspiration from our Creator)

      Awareness : That which is part of ones physical and mind/soul existence through the senses.

      Believe in : To lean on, trust in and rely on with your whole being and personality (reserved for our Creator).

      "Black Hole" star (misnomer for a Singularity): A star with three axes of rotation (which does not shine from within itself into the first four dimensions) with its genesis having started out as a normal, howbeit very large, star which supernovaed, became a "neutron" star, accumulated additional mass/angular momentum (from nearby interstellar gas and/or stars), then became a "pulsar" (with a second axis of rotation), again accumulated even more angular momentum, enough to require a third axis of rotation which can only exist in the fifth dimension (which is only detectible by gravitational lensing, infalling matter giving off X-rays before being engulfed, other bodies revolving very quickly around it or "unswallowed" (extra) mass being thrown out from the poles of its averaged spin axis near the speed of light [quazar]). - Remember the law of conservation of angular momentum? - [Author's note: Therefore there is no such thing as a "non-rotating" singularity. - Silly astronomers! - *Good grief!*]
      A "black hole" is neither black nor a hole! - A singularity (rather) only appears that way from the first four dimensions; the singularity is full (not an empty "hole") and is NOT "black" in the fifth dimension. - There is no "other end" of a "black hole" either, which supposedly is a "white hole" (quazar) with a "wormhole" between; these are two different kinds of singularities (one able to swallow all it attracts ["dark" singularity], the other throws out again the extra it attracts that it can't swallow [quazar or "bright" singularity]).
      Also, the third spin "axis" is non-(four)dimensional. - Remember, mass, energy and angular momentum all become unified in the fifth dimension.

      Consciousness : That which emanates from ones spirit self, being and knowing.

      Creator : There is and can only be One (Who is without beginning, end or gender), Who created all that exists, including angel and man a little lower, out of that which was not as yet even nothing, simply by speaking. - Our Creator does not exist; He created existence itself! - Of course, He manifested Himself into creation later to bring us back to Him about two-thousand years ago now. - *selah*

      Dimension : That which is perfectly perpendicular to every other one below, even if perpendicularity must take on entirely new meaning with each successive one being less and less like each previous one; also known as a sub-level; there are only seven per level.

      Etheric : The completely encompassing and fully-integrated non-energy blanket [just above the fifth dimension] which also thoroughly suffuses the physical level [the first five dimensions]; the "location" of prana [qi or chi]; the transitional interstice between the physical level and the mind/soul level (of consciousness) [the sixth and seventh "dimensions" of emotion and thought].

      Faith : the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, as in "Faith always answers faith."+

      Fifth Dimension : that which is perfectly perpendicular to heighth, width, depth and duration (time); non-locational and non-durational. - There are no lines, circles, directions or equations which can describe "there," evidenced by "black hole" stars (singularities) which break all laws of "physics" except the conservation of angular momentum (as when an ice skater pulls his/her arms in and spins faster automatically), mass & energy (all transformed/unified).

      Gravity : the propagating medium of the electromagnetic spectrum (which it is not a part of), evidenced by the curvature of space/time (the first four dimensions, see the general and special theories of relativity by Einstein), which is instantaneous across all space/time (e.g.: hypothetically, if the sun suddenly went out of existence we would be affected immediately [not 8-1/4 minutes later] and would most likely begin to orbit [or be engulfed by] either Jupiter or both Jupiter and Saturn, depending on their original orbital position at that moment). - There is therefore no such thing as a "gravity wave." - How ludicrous!
      The line in the 'scientific' sand (drawn by astronomers/astrophysicists for themselves) of gravity and mass being directly proportional to each other is wiped away by their own observational data. - Take a long gun (without rifling inside the barrel) and a rifle (with rifling inside the barrel) both with equal barrel lengths and fire them side by side with identical cartridges (same lead weight, same grain count of gunpowder, same shell size/shape) and the bullet from the rifle will go farther, faster and straighter. - Also, why does (what they call) a "neutron" star (a misnomer) only allow light to escape from its poles, when its progenitor (far more massive) star had an escape velocity (from anywhere around it, pole to pole) way below the speed of light (same thing for a "pulsar," another misnomer)?
      From a normal (howbeit massive) star to a "neutron" star to a "pulsar" to a "black hole" (more accurately, a singularity) mass and gravity greatly and significantly part company from direct proportions (1 to 1). - With each successive stage gravity spikes very high, even to the point (pun intended) of a singularity (which frame drags space/time itself) having enough gravity to hold together an entire galaxy, completely without all this nonsense of what is being called the "missing mass" problem, with them stupidly trying to posit the fantasy of "dark matter." - Again, how ludicrous! - If a singularity actually does frame drag space/time itself, you can't tell me that's not enough gravity (completely disproportionate to mass) to pinwheel an entire galaxy! - Come on now! - You must realize here, that a singularity (with three spin axes) has that much gravity simply from its extremely high spin rate(s). - Remember the long gun and rifle comparison?
      And stars all the way to the very edge of the galaxy all revolving at the same speed proves that supermassive singularities break the inverse square law from the fifth dimension. - Surprising, eh?

      Heaven : The first one is the atmosphere (also known as the firmament+); second one is the Universe (solar system/stars/galaxies); third is Heaven+ itself.

      Imagination : That which can be useful, if true perception comes first, otherwise to be kept inactive and not to be trusted when in search for truth.

      Layer : Each dimension/sub-level has seven, like strata, each successive one much unlike previous ones, each higher/deeper one with new aspects not previously found.

      Level : That which consists of seven dimensions or sub-levels; there are only three under third Heaven.+

      Meditation : The process of learning how to control the mind/soul (i.e., to rein it in) and its emotion/thought (taking its territory), to focus it, to concentrate and then finally learning how also to make it just shut up entirely and listen intently within (for that which this world knows nothing of), all in the essential context of interaction with the breath (not control of, a critical difference), after completely relaxing with a comfortable posture (back straight, head aligned), though remaining perfectly alert, always remembering to discriminate between imagination & true perception (keeping imagination silent and perceptions shelved for later), continuing ever deeper & deeper within, toward being, knowing and joy beyond existence entirely.

      "Neutron" star (more accurately, Atomic star) : A star which forms from the collapse/explosion (supernova) of a massive progenitor star with less than a third or even only one-tenth of its original mass remaining, spinning on one axis up to nearly one thousand times per second (depending on how assymetric the supernova was). - Protons and electrons are NOT forced together to form neutrons in the star with a crystalline iron crust, but rather the compression of the progenitor star's core is hard enough to force all the electrons away from the nuclei of all the atoms in the core which then fall together, resulting in final fusion into one (howebeit very, very, very large) atom about ten to twenty kilometers across. - More than one atom (even at that size) would spin apart, just as two ice skaters would if they tried to hold each other together and spun too quickly. - Even valence bonding between more than one atom (however large) would not be enough to hold it together at such high spin rates with that much mass! - It could only hold together if it were one single atom. - [Note to astronomers: Remember the nucleus of an atom has "perfect" density, much like racking billard balls on a pool table, except in three dimensions, eh?]
      How does the atomic (not neutron) star shine if no longer by fusion? - Answer: by continually making antimatter (which has been made in very small amounts in "super colliders" [which is held in magnetic fields away from matter]) in the presence of matter which results in a constant (and completely efficient) annihilation process by which it then shines across the electromagnetic spectrum (not just in the infrared, visible and ultraviolet).
      Also, why doesn't the extreme brightness of a supernova (briefly much brighter than the whole galaxy it explodes in) belie final fusion, eh?

      New Age : A false repeat (of a previous time period) which is full of fantasy and fallacy, which is just how its participants like it. - *selah* - [Strong suggestion: "Don't dare bore them or even think to suggest that what they believe is far worse than simple nonsense."]

      Onion : One way to understand how layers/dimensions/levels are arranged, with each successive layer/dimension/level completely encompassing every one below.

      Perception : (The process of picking up or) that which is picked up by senses, whether physical, emotional or mental, also not to be completely trusted without serious introspection and examination with keen circumspection.

      Physical (body) : The seat of lust (of the seven senses) and self-importance which usually blinds most to deeper levels; the first level (of consciousness) where matter and energy interact (in context within seven dimensions).

      Prana : The etheric counterpart of oxygen with many extremely different and higher (esoteric) properties; that which can be mentally directed for "good" or evil (both of which is sorcerous) from the mind/soul level (of consciousness). - [Prana does not chemically combine with anything else and is not consumed (does not “burn,” that is) otherwise. - *selah*]

      "Pulsar" (which doesn't "pulse") : A(n atomic) star which can also form from the collapse/explosion (supernova) of a massive progenitor star (e.g., the Crab 'pulsar' whose poles flip thirty times per second) with less than a third or even only one-tenth of its original mass remaining which has two spin axes (axial spin and poles flipping). - [Note: You can only have two (perpendicular) spin axes in four dimensions (no "room" left for a third, except in the fifth dimension).]
      Again, in this case, gravity spikes much higher, with some (so called) pulsars' poles flipping more than a thousand times per second (called submillisecond pulsars)! - [see: "Neutron" star definition] - The polar flip rate also varies by how assymetric the supernova was.
      How does excess angular momentum (that the first spin axis cannot accommodate) get transferred to the poles and cause them to begin flipping? - Answer: by "reversing" through the Coriolis force (northern clockwise, southern anticlockwise) against the poles.

      Religion (per se) : (Any one of many clubs [denominations] in which) Man, in abject rebellion against our Creator, is doing his own thing (traditions of men) either in arrogant, willing ignorance or by holding the truth in unrighteousness for his own self aggrandizement and ego gratification. - (Well, that's pretty much it in a nutshell, eh? - *shaking head*)

      It's a terrible thing, for example, for a "church" (read: denomination) not to baptize you unless you become a "member" of their "church." - Once a person professes Christ publicly, aren't they already a part of the body of Christ? - *shaking head*
      That's just one obvious one, but worse are those who use the word "covenant" in the name of their denomination (and some which don't), who lay their own "contract" against the promise of salvation Christ freely gave us. - Their own damnation of themselves goes before them. - I often say, "We know Christ never meant for there to be denominations [read: factions, which know nothing of Christ]." - And those who hear me say it, just stand there, knowing it's true. - *selah*

      Righteous(ness) : Right standing and right relationship with our Creator (which He [non-gender reference] accounts unto us when we believe Him) and the joyous responsibility (to do good1) which comes with it.
      Most preachers (today's "generation of vipers") use the word in their sermons' context as though it means good/goodness with which they lay guilt trips on their congregations. - With this (corrected) definition scripture reads entirely differently from how preachers would have you to believe, which only serves the purpose of their traditions of men and the guilt trips (read: traps) they lay. - Also, some would have you to believe that it means "right-wiseness," which is a complete obfuscation. - *shaking head* - Remember that Christ said, "There is none good but One, that is, (our Creator)." --Matthew 19:17 or Mark 10:18 - 1We can do good, but we cannot be good a priori to that. - *selah*

      Soul (alma) : Mind, to include emotion and thought (in that order), out of which springs imagination, which is completely and finely integrated with the physical brain (and its multiple, overlapping, dedicated holosensic lobes); seat of the will/ego/desire; the second major level of consciousness (out of three) inclusive of the sixth (emotion) and seventh (thought) "dimensions."

      Truth (verity) : That which most would be horrified to hear (considering what they have believed all their life told them by others, not having searched it out for themselves), if they were even to believe it at all, some even dying with myocardial infarction because of it.

More definitions will be added as time allows. - Do check back. - *smile*