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Earth’s Orbital Circumference, Diameter & Radius.

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 ‍ℵ‍ 12345678 ‍228‍ 
1650 95511v531452
 163 858v 660v 361
64 257 7v59 562v 4
 Ω 260260260260260260260260292
 292  228  =  64  Squares / v=Input =Output
 228  +  292  = 520÷2 =  260    “Square of Eight”

Calculation of Earth-Sun Distance:
 292  × 1,000,000 × 2 = 584,000,000C ÷ π =
185,892,973(.53133376628827)D ÷ 2 =
92,946,486(.76566688314414)R Miles = 1 AU*
Mac OS 10.8.5 Made All This Easy*AU = Astronomical Unit   [π = 3.141592653589793]PageSpinner Made All This Easy
With Today’s Earth-Sun Distance (92,955,807.27miles)
[ 92,955,807(.27)R × 2 = 185,911,614(.54)D × π =
584,058,562(.45588134349439)C Miles]:   
The Earth (with us on it) Travels Around the Sun:
• • •

Eb Day Sign - Click for More Tzolkin Graphics

Cauac Day Sign - Click for More Tzolkin Graphics
584,058,562(.45588134349439) MilesC Each YearCaban Day Sign - Click for More Tzolkin Graphics

Cimi Day Sign - Click for More Tzolkin Graphics
466,939,821(.04128067106632) Miles In  ‍292‍  Days
415,768,333(.80388004957960) Miles In  ‍260‍  Days
364,596,846(.56647942809288) Miles In  ‍228‍  Days
102,342,974(.47480124297344) Miles In  ‍ ‍64‍  Days
11,193,762(.83318138595022) Miles per Week
1,599,108(.97616876942146) Miles per Day
66,629(.54067369872589) Miles per Hour
1,110(.49234456164543) Miles per Minute
18(.50820574269409) Miles per Second!
The Maya Knew All This & Much, Much More!
If you take the 26,000 years per precession of the equi­noxes × 365.24 = 9,496,240 ÷  ‍260‍  = 36,524 ÷ 100 = 365.24 days per year! - Very interesting indeed! - Without the key number of  ‍260‍  the above calculation just doesn’t work! - So, yes, the Maya knew exactly how long the year & the precession of the equinoxes were! - Obviously the key num­ber here is  ‍260‍ ‍, exactly how many days there are in their short-count Tzolkin calendar! - It’s curious to me how all this fits together, but there’s more!
     The Maya called the center of our galaxy HunabKu where the HeroTwins were. - Again this is quite curious for a couple of reasons. - You see, astrono­mers today will tell you that not only does our solar system orbit the Milky Way galaxy in an ellipse, but that it also goes up and down through the plane of the galaxy once every 52,000 years! - They also say they’ve discovered that the Milky Way is a barred spiral, and you can’t have a barred spiral without two super­massive black holes orbiting in the center, one at each end of the bar. - Hmm, that’s very telling, but they don’t tell us why. - So, let’s just figure it out for our­selves, shall we?
     This has to mean there are two super­massive black holes (the HeroTwins) in the center of our galaxy (Hunab Ku) which revolve around each other (tilted from the plane of our galaxy) once every 52,000 years.
      Astronomers will tell you there’s only one, even with these obvious signs of two! - [The second one is hidden even from radio telescopes by very dense, thick dust & gas clouds.] - So when the more massive of the two dips below the plane of the galaxy our solar system moves above the plane, and vice versa.
     It is very telling that the Maya knew there are two super­massive black holes, not just one and, even with ob­vious signs of two, today’s astrono­mers simply won’t talk about it! - So, they are indeed holding out on us! - They can’t explain it, so they just don’t talk about it. - How’s that for public relations, eh? - *chuckling‍*
     Well, the subterfuge doesn’t end there by any means, as Richard C. Hoagland knows very well. - *nodding* - Check out his book, The Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever (5th Edition), if you’re interested. - The peer review groups (read: pecking orders) among scientists keep shooting them­selves in the foot, at least to the informed among us, eh? - (Dang, I sound like Jesse Ventura now!)
   •Recommended ReadingFirst, The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology, then Earth Ascending: An Illustrated Treatise on the Law Governing Whole Systems by José Argüelles, anthropologist/artist (another marginalized scientist along with Richard C. Hoagland).
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